WHAT IS WEB MARKETING? Meaning, Tools and Strategies

Definition: Web Marketing is marketing applied to the world of the Web with the aim of attracting visitors interested in their products or services visible on the net. It includes social media, search engines, blogging, video and email.

Web marketing activities usually start from the creation of a web project , they result in the creation of a website and continue with its promotion through different channels.

In a creative way, we could define Web Marketing as your growth on the WEB, the tool to generate visits and therefore income online, thanks to the achievement of new potential customers and the increase in visibility.

More than 50% of the world population has access to the Internet and almost 75% is reached in Italy. Out of a population of 7.593 billion people, more than 4 billion connect to the Internet . This data translates for marketers into the extraordinary possibility of being able to reach an immense pool of potential customers.

However, for web marketing operations to be successful, companies must know how to choose the right mix of strategies and rely on real professionals in the sector . Web users are increasingly informed and have an infinite choice of products to choose from, so only a brand that inspires trust, personalized communications and tailored offers can make a difference. Furthermore, consumers have begun to express the need to be heard and to express their opinion.

Everyone understood that to sell you need to communicate and to communicate effectively you need to establish a conversation with your target audience , a continuous dialogue between the company and the user, based on a feed-back process that will allow you to know the orientation and the real needs of customers.

With the tools of web marketing , companies have the opportunity to get naked, to talk about themselves and to dialogue with their customers , building a real and more solid loyalty to the brand . In short, we must not only convince but also involve, creating the basis for a solid and lasting bond between consumer and Brand. And if you are able to transform your Brand into Lovemark , then you access the highest level, that of true Love.